Boy Meets Ghoul – Birdie Milano (Minor Spoilers)

Boy Meets Ghoul

Boy Meets Ghoul is the hilarious sequel to Milano’s debut teen novel Boy Meets Hamster, which I absolutely loved when it came out last year. Dylan Kershaw is almost 15, absolutely football mad (and good at it), and gay. He’s hoping to spend half term with his long-distance boyfriend Leo, but instead finds himself at ‘Feet of the Future’, a Manchester-based football camp for teenage boys who may end up being selected for a football club’s youth team. Meanwhile, Dylan’s best friend Kayla is supposed to be at the cheerleaders camp, but besides finding it sexist, she has far more important things to do with her time – winning a competition to get a ticket for the Manchester concert of Deathsplash Nightmares, the death metal band to which she’s devoted.

Dylan’s not spending the October half term with his boyfriend because ‘a thing came up’ – an opportunity for dancer Leo which Dylan doesn’t find out the details of until the book’s climax. They’re supposed to be having phone dates during the course of the week, but the course of teen love never did run smooth, and the dates mostly don’t happen, though they do exchange text messages. To add to Dylan’s confusing situation, he’s burdened with a football coach, ex-player Jez Dutton, who has zero interest in actually training the boys into a proper team, and who took an instant dislike to Dylan on day one and proceeds to punish him for every ‘infraction’ with running laps around the football pitch, and his schoolmate, Freddie Alton, another boy who looks like a Greek god to Dylan, who’s had a crush on Freddie for ages, and who, Dylan discovers, has a crush on him.

Boy Meets Ghoul is very funny, albeit with some serious moments (mostly centring around dealing with the bullying coach, Jez), and Dylan remains a charming, likeable, and very engaging character. I urge you not to miss out on this m|m teen romance.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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